Spring Break FAQSo you’re about to jump in the car and travel a few hundred miles to the Spring Break Capital of the World and you realize that you’ve got some questions. We have been doing Spring Break longer than anyone on the beach and we’ve definitly got some answeres for you. Here’s the most frequently asked questions we get about Spring Break in Panama City Beach! Check ‘em out and see if they answer the questions you have.


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Where is Panama City Beach located?

Panama City Beach is located on the western panhandle of Florida and is 250 miles south of Atlanta, Georgia, 250 miles east of New Orleans, Louisiana, and 500 miles South of Nashville, Tennessee


What is the average temperature during Spring Break?

The average temperature in March and April is around 75 degrees–perfect for hitting the beach and catching some rays!


What are the beaches like?

The sugar-white sands of Panama City Beach have won several national awards. Dr. Stephen Leatherman, also known as Dr. Beach, the country’s foremost expert on beaches, selected Panama City Beach as the #1 beach in America in his 1995 annual rankings. The Surfrider Foundation, an international group dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans and beaches, selected Panama City Beach as the #3 Most Healthy Urban Beach in America in 2000. In 2000, Panama City Beach was selected by the readers of Southern Living among the top five in the “Best Beach” category. The Travel Channel rated Panama City Beach in the #10 beaches in America in 2001.


Can I Drink on the Beach?

You can drink on our huge bar deck inches from the beach, but the new ordinance in Panama City Beach – much like Daytona Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and other beach destinations – says you cannot drink on the “sandy beaches”. This ordinance only applies to the month of March at this time.


What is the drinking age?

The drinking age in the state of Florida is 21. Many bars are 18 & over. Please drink responsibly.


What time do the clubs/bars close?

Most of the clubs and bars in Panama City Beach close at 4 a.m. But don’t worry, there are a plethora of breakfast establishments that would love to serve you a plate full of hotcakes, omelettes, waffles, or whatever you desire.


Do all of the clubs have cover charges? If so, how much are they?

Most of the clubs in Panama City Beach require a cover charge. Charges range from $5 to $25, depending on the events the clubs are offering. Guests at these preferred properties receive big discounts at many of the best HOT SPOTS on the beach including Club La Vela!


How much cash should I bring?

Most people bring between $400 and $600 for a week of partying.


Are there places to eat around these resorts?

There are tons of fast food places and restaurants within walking distance.


What’s the shopping like in Panama City Beach ?

There are numerous souvenir shops along Panama City Beach! New shopping options are popping up all the time. Plus, a fifteen minute drive into Panama City gets you a mall and a forty-five minute drive to Destin gets you outlet malls like Silver Sands Factory Stores.


Is there any public transportation?

There are taxicabs and beach limo services, but when you stay at one of our recommended properties, you enjoy free shuttle service to happening spots along Panama City Beach. Best of all, the service continues late at night. You can also ride the Bay Town Trolley which runs all over Bay County and it only costs a buck!


Room Deposits

Check with your hotel to make sure you are aware of any deposit requirements.  Every hotel has different requirements and different procedures, so double check your reservation to make sure everything has been taken care of.


Booking Tips

Make sure when you book a room that your reservation reflects your group.  If you are 4 spring breakers don’t book 2 adults and 2 kids… its totally gonna screw up your check in process and take way longer for you to get out to the beach – where you want to be.