Spring Break Tips for GuysGroups of guys with old friends from high school and college (or just life) traveling together is a growing trend, and for the single men, Spring Break is a time to really enjoy being single! Whatever your status, don’t forget the important things, bad breath or bad dance moves equals no one wants to talk to you or be seen with you.  Here are some great Spring Break tips for guys headed down to Panama City Beach.  This tips can help make your trip to the beach much better!


Figure Out When Your School Breaks
Set a date far in advance and stick to it. We all know it can be hard to find the time, but it’s easier if you have it written down in your schedule.  Click here to view our list of School Spring Break Dates!

Book Early
For the best rates on Spring Break Rooms book early!

Share the Trip-planning Load
Put each member in charge of a day, an excursion, or a meal, so that there’s something for everyone and that no one person ends up shouldering too much of the burden. But don’t over-schedule – you don’t want to be on the clock! You want to be on the beach!

Take a Number
Make sure everyone has everyone else’s cell phone number entered into their cell phone. As well as the hotel’s address and phone number, and that of a local taxi company.

Create a pool
 Everyone chips in an amount at the start, and then you can pay for minor expenses (coffee, taxis) without arguing over who should get the check this time. If anyone mentions his wife / girlfriend or kids by name while on the trip, he has to put a dollar in the kitty.

Bring Reading Material
Sports Illustrated, Business Week, or Golf Digest… whatever

Take Music
 Bring some form of music to listen to on the beach, it will make it more fun for your crew and it could potentially lour that group of girls over to sit near you so they can enjoy the music as well.

Prepare for Post Meal
Carry mints with you; you may be sitting next to someone you may actually want to speak with and they may not want to know that you had garlic for dinner.

Travel in decent clothes
You will be treated better by ticket agents and stewardesses.  Unripped jeans, a polo and a sportcoat qualify as decent clothes.  Track suits, tanktops, and flip flops do not.  If you’re driving it doesn’t really matter.

Bring your own beverages! Do this and you’re going to be just fine hanging out in the room or on the beach.  Just make sure water is included along with your beverage of choice.  And don’t forget the snacks! Or make a run to the supermarket upon arrival. You can make your own minibar, stocking it with treats that your girlfriend won’t let you have at home!

Book It
 If you fall in love with a place, and you want to return next year, book it then and there! For hotel rooms, you’ll usually get a discount and/or preferential treatment for booking early.

Time Out
Allow for alone time. It’s okay to crave it, and this trip is all about satisfying your cravings.