Spring Break Tips for GirlsGirlfriend getaways are some of the most fun and memorable times a girl can have with her pals.  Whether it is high school, college, or other life friends a trip just for the gals is a great way to reconnect, laugh a lot, and create memories! So get the girls ready and get to the beach! Here are a few great Spring Break tips for girls going to Panama City Beach, Florida and the Holiday Inn Resort.



Know When Your Spring Break Is
Pick a date far in advance and stick to it. We all know it can be hard to find the time, but it’s easier if you have it written down in your schedule. Click here to see our list of Spring Break Dates!

Book Early
The earlier you book the better rate you’ll get!!!

Share the Trip-planning Load
 Put each member in charge of a day, an excursion, or a meal, so that there’s something for everyone and that no one person ends up shouldering too much of the burden. But don’t over-schedule–you don’t want to be on the clock! You want to be on the beach! Don’t forget to ask the hotel about local spas and clubs to check out online.

Take a Number
Make sure everyone has everyone else’s cell phone number entered into their cell phone. As well as the hotel’s address and phone number, and that of a local taxi company.

Create a Pool.
Everyone chips in an amount at the start, and then you can pay for minor expenses (coffee, taxis) without arguing over who should get the check this time. If anyone mentions her husband or kids by name while on the trip, she has to put a dollar in the kitty.

Bring your own Beverages! Do this and you’ll going to be just fine hanging out in the room or on the beach. Or make a run to the supermarket upon arrival.  Make sure you have plenty of water among all of your other choice beverages! You can make your own minibar, stocking it with treats that you will not let yourself have at home.  Make friends with the hotel bartender and ask about nightly specials.

Pictures Please
 Bring old photos–the more embarrassing, the better. You’ll be certain to spend much of the trip reminiscing, and you’ll be glad you have the pictures on hand.

More Pictures Please
 Take lots of pictures–of each other. A year later, you’ll be far more interested in looking at photos of each other than you will be of any sites or attractions. But decide in advance whether swimsuit pictures are allowed!  Be careful with that camera, photos can capture things whether you want them to or not!

Book It
If you fall in love with a place, and you want to return next year, book it then and there! For hotel rooms and spas, you’ll usually get a discount and/or preferential treatment.

Take a Ride
Take a Banana Boat Ride, rent a Pontoon Boat, or go Parasailing!  You’ll have a great time and you’ll have the story to tell from when the girls got brave and tried something adventurous!

Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen
You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures, do you really want to look like lobster-girl in all of them? Apply sunscreen throughout the day to keep yourself protected from the strong Florida sun.  Remember, sunburn never looks cute with club clothes!

Time Out
Allow for alone time. It’s okay to crave it, and this trip is all about satisfying your cravings.

Don’t Pack Everything
Shop on your first day: pick up a suite, a sarong, a beach bag, or piece of jewelry to wear throughout your trip. Not only will you feel like a local, but it will remind you of all the places you got to wear it when you’re back at home. Plus, when you shop out of town you’ll return home with goods none of your friends have!

Clear the Clutter
Designate each person to bring one bulky toiletry item (shampoo, conditioner, blow-dryer, lotion, toothpaste, etc.) to share with the group. That way you don’t take up all the bathroom counter space with lots of large bottles or duplicate travel size bottles.

Make it Last
Get t-shirts made after the trip for everyone: put a group picture, the date and where you traveled to. Inside jokes and peoples’ nicknames are a few more decoration ideas. It’s a more personal souvenir than a magnet or snow globe–and one which you can wear year round and on the next trip! We hope you use these sweet Spring Break Tips for Girls going to Panama City Beach, Florida and the Holiday Inn Resort!