It’s no secret that there are TONS of places wanting you to visit them for Spring Break 2016 but the fact of the matter is that no one can do it like we do it at the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City Beach!  We’ve got 25 years of experience in spring break partying!  Ya don’t just wake up one day and think, I’m going to throw the most incredible 6 week long party that anyone’s ever seen… ya gotta know how to do it and do it right, and that my friends comes only with experience.

The Holiday Inn Resort doesn’t just keep throwin the same old party either, each year they do it even better, and for Spring Break 2016, this is the place you want to be.  They’ve really up’d the game this year with cool national country music concerts, more parties, more spring break experiences than you’ll get anywhere else.

Pool Deck of The #1 SPring Break Hotel the Holiday Inn Resort

How does this resort do it?  Well for starters, you have to have a really big deck.  Then you have to fill it with all the right things – like incredible entertainment, a huge bar, a couple thousand friends ready for a good time… and of course it has to be beachside! That’s just a start!  Of course you have to have other things, like all rooms face the Gulf of Mexico, a HUGE pool and a REALLY REALLY big hot tub, food and more food, contests and prizes, theme parties, an exclusive VIP beach, and a bunch of other stuff.

When ya stay here, this is all included:

  • Daily Wake-UP Call – It’s tradition! If you don’t know, you will!
  • Daily party on the Oasis Bar Deck – Sometimes Contest, Sometimes Concert, on a really big deck with music and of course drink specials.
  • Daily Pool Party – It’s a really big pool, DJ spinning all your favs…
  • Daily Pre-Game Party in the SunSet Bar – Great drink specials, little bit of free food, and possibility to win a free ride to wherever your headed that night.
  • Weekly Welcome Luau Pool Party – Everyone is getting Lei’d!
  • Weekly Welcome Red Light / Green Light Party – EDM, Glow Necklaces, and most importantly, you know the status of your new friends!
  • Weekly Nationally Recognized Country Music Concert: We know you want to know who… but we can’t tell ya yet!
  • Weekly Beachside Beer & Movie Night: Friday nights, after a full week of partying, when you’re about spent – both your wallet and your spring break stamina in running on empty – we’ve got a great chill night ready for you if you’re ready for it!

Basically the Holiday Inn Resort knows how to party, and you if want the best spring break experience they you want to stay with the experts!  Keep in touch with all the concert updates, party announcements, and other important spring break info at Facebook at