Be Smart on Spring Break in Panama City BeachAh, if only that “Get Out Of Jail Free” card that came with your Monopoly game actually worked. But it doesn’t! In the real world, you’ll need to use your common sense and keep the following in mind. Here are few tips on how to avoid our wonderful police officers and staying out of trouble while on Spring Break in Panama City Beach!


You MUST be 21 to Drink

The drinking age in the state of Florida is 21. Many bars are 18+. Please drink responsibly.


Don’t drink and drive

If you are pulled over in the State of Florida and there is an open container of alcohol in the car, the driver, the passenger or both can be given a ticket. Besides, you don’t want your Spring Break memories to include someone’s death or permanent injury as a result of your drinking and driving. Downer. 🙁


Don’t drink just anywhere

We have always had a law in our little beach community that states that you can’t drink on or within 50 feet of any road or any public parking lot. Remember that if you decide to take a stroll along “The Strip.” For the month of March 2016, there is also a new ordinance currently that says you cannot drink on the “sandy beaches” – which is the same in most of beach towns like Daytona, Ft. Lauderdale, etc. No biggy, we’ve more than tripled the size of our beachside bar deck! There will still be plenty of fun on the beach, basketball, volleyball, beach chairs for chillin’ on… but the stage and the party will be inches from the sands on our really big deck!


Don’t get carried too away

Most Breakers are here to escape the “scholastic stress,” but don’t take leave of your senses. A fine line exists between partying hard and disorderly conduct. Breakers who breach the peace, put themselves or another in danger of physical harm or death, or engage in fights or displays of public nudity, in whole or in part, face charges of disorderly conduct.


Go cruising with caution

Cruising The Strip is a Panama City Beach Spring Break tradition. Just keep in mind that riding on the exterior of a vehicle is against the law. Our local law enforcement describes the exterior as the roof, hood, trunk, bumpers, tailgate, running boards, window or sunroof. Beach police say that standing in the bed of a truck or even sitting on the sides of the bed of a truck are also against the law.


Respect our area

Hey, we don’t throw our trash where you live. Don’t throw your garbage in our backyard. While you may just be passing through, remember that there are thousands of people just like you and your loved ones who live here year-round. When you scatter your waste on the roads and beaches or vandalize our facilities, you hurt the locals and contribute to their resentment. Make sure that you leave our area beautiful so its stays that way for the next time you visit.