Never forget your first Spring BreakIt’s true you’ll never forget your first! This will be the first for a TON of breakers, so you’re not alone.  Take advice from someone who’s done it lots of times.  There’s so many things to consider.  Who will you sleep with, where to find the action, questions about handcuffs!?   You’re excited, nervous, and you want to do it right, right?!  Maybe you’ve talked to your friends for advices, but you really need to talk to someone who’s done it over and over again. Check out these tips to make the most of your first Spring Break in Panama City Beach!


Panana City Beach is the only place to go!
Panama City Beach is THE place to party!  Year after year Panama City Beach has been the #1 Spring Break Destination with more places to party, the hottest party people, and the most beautiful beaches!  When you take your Spring Break on Panama City Beach you’re avoiding all the hassle of passports, crazy battles in foreign countries, and a whole mess of other problems – you just get to actually have fun!  There are a few things you will need to know if it’s your first trip to PCB, where to stay, how to save, where to party, what NOT to do, and everything in between! Now…let’s take it nice and slow…

Get a room
The right hotel can make your spring break!   The pool, the hot tub, the beach that’s all good… but is it enough?  Or do you want more action?!  The Holiday Inn Resort is THE place to stay.  For year’s this hotel has been the spring break hot spot for a reason, they know how to do Spring Break!  With their stage on the beach hosting crazy contests and playing music, poolside DJs, poolside bar & grill, and TONS of freebies… this place has it all!  You can’t even enter the resort without being a guest – and they catch breakers trying to sneak in ALL the time.  Another perk for guests of the Holiday Inn, they always arrange for discounts around town for all their guests – so you’ll save bank on nightlife, food, etc. just by being their guest!  So basically, if you want to be where da party at, you want to stay at the hottest resort on PCB!

Get on it
The key to getting a room without breaking the bank is to BOOK EARLY!  Whether you’re going for the Holiday Inn Resort, the Days Inn Beach, Paradise Palms Inn, or Casa Loma, the sooner you book, the more you save!  Think about it, it’s simple supply & demand – before Christmas these hotels still have a lot of rooms to sell still for Spring Break – after that they’ve got a good bit of them sold so the price goes up as they fill up the rest of their rooms… Give ‘em a call, they can tell you how much it would be per person if you had a 5 or 6 of you in a room and you can then convince your crew to get on it!

Do it! Do the research – keep up with or to get all the travel tips, tips for guys, tips for girls, guest discounts, concert updates, and more!  These guys know what they’re talking about, they’ll help you every step of the way from bikini trends and what to pack, to what you’ll need to check in, to where to be and when during Spring Break.

Make it hot
There are a couple of true hot spots on Panama City Beach that you’ll definitely want to hit! Club La Vela and Spinnaker are the top two for sure, with TONS of space filled with TONS of beautiful breakers… make sure you check out the Super Clubs on SpringBreakHQ for all the details on these.  Another stop you gotta make is over at Pier Park, there’s basically a strip of all sorts of Spring Break Hot Spots!  TootsiesMargaritaville, Reggae J’s, Guy Harveys, Hofbueau Beer Garden, and for the sports fans who can’t miss their game… there’s also a Buffalo Wild Wings!

Keep watching the site, the SpringBreakHQ Team is hard at work trying to get breakers money saving specials if you stay at one of the select Panama City Beach Spring Break Hotels

Ok, so we’re not talking about hot-pink fuzzy handcuffs… we’re talking about the kind you’re going to want to avoid… the best way to avoid Johnny Law locking you up is to just keep in mind that there are still laws – just because you’re on spring break does not mean that you can break every law written… Have a good time, just don’t vandalize things, drive drunk, or do any other illegal stuff and you should be good!! Ok so that was the basics to get you started… Check out the rest of the site and Facebook page… Keep reading the blog as more tips and tricks will be posted… And if you still have questions about anything, just ask us!  You can also post your questions on Facebook, and we’ll get you the answers as quickly as we can!