The Holiday Inn Resort is expanding their Oasis Bar Deck in a big way giving students more space and more ways to enjoy Spring Break 2016! The Oasis Bar Deck is growing by over 9000 sq Ft! This new space will allow for 40 seats at the bar, a stage on the bar deck for great entertainment and cool contests, and more space for dancing, relaxing, and just hanging out!

The Oasis Bar has been underutilized in the last few years – despite the fact that it was only steps from the sandy beaches – because the bar itself is small, and seemed to lack the comforts of a normal bar setting. The view of the water was obscured because the bar deck sat lower than the surrounding gardens. The new bar design lifts the bar deck up to the height of the pool deck, allowing for better views of the emerald green waters. The bar itself will be larger to accommodate more people comfortably, and it will have TVs so you can be watching March Madness – and all your favorite sports – while enjoying the view of the water and the stage!


Panama City Beach has made some changes over the last few years, but the Holiday Inn Resort won’t let that change the fun their students have, having more space on the bar deck means students can enjoy all the traditional Spring Break contests, freebies, and fun – all right at the resort!

“The new bar is going to be incredible! We’re so excited about the addition of space to the bar deck as it allows us to provide even more great entertainment, great service, and truly enhance the vacation experience for our valued guests.”
Philip Colvin – Director of Marketing at the Holiday Inn Resort.

Progress on the Oasis Bar has already begun! The resort team has carefully moved the palm trees out of the area temporarily so that the area can be cleared for the expansion. Many of the palm trees will return at the end of the project to surround the new bar area, keeping with the tropical style of the resort.

“We’ll be working hard through the fall and winter to get the new deck completed for Spring Break 2016,” says Colvin, “and we can’t wait to see the students out there having a great time.”Holiday Inn Deck Expansion for Spring Break

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