Holoiday Inn Resort Safe Spring Break Hotel We’ve selected the Holiday Inn Resort as the Safest Hotel in Panama City Beach for the 10th year in a row!! Not only is this place THE Spring Break hotel on Panama City Beach – well known for knowing how to throw a party – but it’s also the number one place to keep spring break safe!



This hotel really steps it up to make sure that you stay safe with extra security personal 24 hours a day to make sure no “Creepers” get in and that all the great amenities that they provide their guests are for ONLY their guests so you’re not paying to enjoy what others sneak into for free. If you want to play at the Holiday Inn Resort you have to Stay at the Holiday Inn Resort.

The hard working Holiday Inn Resort team understands you’re here for a good time but they also truly care about you – they want you to return back to your school just as you came – with one exception… they want you to have the time of your life. The SpringBreakHQ Team once again would like to thank the Holiday Inn Resort for providing unreal parties on the beach, unbelievable pool parties, and doing all the extra steps to help with keeping our breakers safe during all the fun and craziness!