Stay in groups in Panama City BeachOne of the best tips that the Spring Break HQ Team can give you for Spring Break – or for any travel situation – is to be sure to stay with your group.  You’ve heard of safety in numbers, the buddy system, and stranger danger since you were just a few years old, these old rules still apply even though you’re now grown and on your own in college!



Although Panama City Beach is a safe place to visit, no matter where you are, separating from the pack makes you more of a target for dangerous situations.  Use the same safety precautions in Panama City Beach that you would at home: avoid walking alone on deserted streets after dark, keep your travel cash stashed, and stay alert.

Travel in packs from school to the beach, from your hotel to the club, and definitely from the club back to your hotel!  This way you always have someone there to assist you, help look out for you, and to share in all the fun!  Getting lost with friends is so much better than getting lost alone… do the group thing – it’s all a part of the travel experience and can help make some amazing memories!

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