Spring Break makes you awesome

While on Spring Break you may feel like you’re on top of the world, like you have super powers, like you’re unstoppable! The truth is while you may feel awesome while in Panama City Beach on Spring Break, when it’s all said and done you are still you – and only you can face the consequences of your “awesomeness”. So here are a few tips to help you keep your “awesome” in check.


Don’t fight, your face is important
 Some guys (and even a few girls – but mostly guys) love to fight; they even look forward to starting fights.

Don’t be THAT guy
Fighting leads to getting arrested and having a “record” (jobs don’t like this), your face getting messed up (girls don’t like this), and wasting your night rolling around with a bunch of dudes (I’m guessing you don’t like this). Try to avoid fights at all cost; remember while you’re in a fight – the hot girl you may have been trying to impress is being swept away by a guy who’s face is still intact, and you’re left being “awesome” all alone for the night…and probably the week!

You are not Spiderman, don’t climb the balconies
After a full day of spring break celebrations you may think you’re invincible, but please trust us when we tell you that you are not.  You may be very strong, there may seem to be the right kind of motivation, but do not climb the balconies for ANY reason.  This is either a good way to get you kicked out of your hotel and totally ruin your spring break, or a good way to really get hurt and land you in the hospital (or worse!) and totally ruin your spring break  – either way you lose! Don’t be stupid, you are not “Spiderman awesome” while on Spring Break!

Manage your reputation!
No matter what happens, always be a “gentleman”(or a “lady”) around your hotel, you will see the same breakers ALL week long with no escape while at your home-base!If you pull some sort of jerk move you will be remembered for it – and there’s nothin’ worse than being “THAT GUY” or “THAT GIRL” for the whole week of Spring Break!

You may be feeling extra “awesome” your first day on the beach – but keep yourself in check – don’t be the one puking in the garbage can, don’t be the angry breaker, and certainly don’t be the one busted for anything really dumb like streaking (no one looks great naked while running an flailing, ew!)  – keep your spring break style sexy & stellar rather thanraunchy & ridiculous and your spring break reputation will be rockstar! Spring Break HQ knows you’re coming here to have a good time, and we WANT you to have a good time, so take some advice from the people who know spring break better than anyone and keep your Spring Break Awesome!