Be a club cutie on Spring Break in Panama City Beach!And stay that way! Ever been out to a bar and realize that you now look more like a homeless hooker than the goddess in the mirror at the room!  Looking hot is much better than looking like a hot mess!  When you’re out dancing for the night it’s easy for the “Club Cutie” look that you started with to fall apart in a semi-sweaty, make-up smeared, hair sticking out in various directions situation. How do you prevent your hot self from becoming a hot mess?  Hitting all of the clubs on Spring Break in Panama City Beach is not so much about prevention, it’s about maintenance.

To Carry or Not To Carry
Whether you’re the always prepared type – or you’re the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-skirt kind of gal – there’s a way to avoid the hot mess even after a few hours at the club!  Maintenance starts before your leave your hotel!  There are perks to leaving your clutch behind when heading to the club but there are some drawbacks…  If you carry, you have the benefit of storage for supplies, if you’re a survivor (doesn’t carry) you’ll need to use the things in you surrounding environment to help fix some fun-time flaws this spring break. The first key to keeping your cute is keeping clean.  Start smart by packing your purse or pockets with a couple of Q-Tips to help wipe away those dreadful remains of smeared eye make-up under your eyes – fallen eye make-up is simply not pretty!!  If you’re not packing, you can improvise with toilet paper to clean the eye make-up for under your eyes to freshen them up – it works just as well but it’s not as gentle on your skin.

Wrap It Up
If you’re going dancing at Club La Vela, Spinnaker, Tootsies, or any of the other Spring Break hot spots in Panama City Beach you’ll need to account for how chilly the night air can be – but also how hot the club can get when packed with partiers!  If you’re planning on any type of layered look with a cute sweater or jacket over you little club dress, be sure to try out different ways of retaining it once you get warm so as not to lose it – you’ve heard that “Tequila makes her clothes fall” song right!?  Whatever chilly night gear you grab must look good – and stay put – when tied around your waist, shoulders or somehow carried by you comfortably… if your crew is driving to the club you can always leave it in the car… but if you don’t have a designated driver and a cab is your travel solution, you’ll need to keep up with your top layer!

No Need To Offend
Preparation for perspiration is key when packing for SB PCB!  It can really get HOT when you’re dancing with all those beautiful breakers at the club! We all know to coat on the deodorant before leaving the room but what do you do after you’re out!?  If you’re packing a purse make sure to stick in some tiny ways to freshen up, travel size deodorant, purse sized perfume, or even perfume samples (stock up before you head to SB from your local department store – just pretend to want to purchase, say you want to try out a few scents on your skin before you make the spend)… just don’t overdue it!  If you’re not packing, look for a sister spring breaker who’s spraying on a pretty scent and compliment her perfume – then ask to try the scent out for yourself with a single squirt (no need to take advantage!) most breakers are here to have a good time and won’t mind sharing!

Don’t Send In The Clowns
Put away the lipstick!  Ok, so thirteen coats of your favorite shade and you still think your lips lack that sensuous color?  They probably don’t…  so don’t overdue!  The last thing you want to do is look like a clown right?  So if you’re enjoying adult beverages leave the lips alone – this also goes for eyeliner, eye shadow, and blush!  Better to let it fade then to look start to resemble “IT” from that classic horror movie… can’t leave the lips be?  Stay safe, try a clear lip gloss or flavored chap stick!! Keeping your cute all night long can be a challenge, the best tip that Spring Break veterans can give you is to make sure to bring the right crew with you to Spring Break in Panama City Beach – make sure your girls are the kind that will help to make sure that your looking great all night long, rather than leave you hanging with your hair sticking straight up!  Panama City Beach has plenty of places to party, get ready for the time of your life!

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