Holiday Inn Resort Spring Break hotel favoriteSo some of you may be struggling to get parent permission to go to Panama City Beach for Spring Break.  Maybe you’re in college and they’re footing the bills or maybe you’re a senior in high school and the parents aren’t so sure Spring Break is a good idea for you. Either way, you’re parents probably have the same concern, you’re safety – which is cool because they love you, but it can be a real pain when trying to find the perfect Spring Break hotel for your trip.


You’re best weapon against this concern is to DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Yep, I said it!  Do some research, start with brand name hotels as they have specific rules from their corporate parents that they have to follow – like having security cameras and well lit parking areas. Some hotels, like the Holiday Inn Resort, Panama City Beach really go above and beyond! They hire extra staff to be security checks at the doors.  Only the guests can get on this Spring Break hotel – this helps eliminate the “creeper factor”.

The Holiday Inn Resort provides wristbands for the registered guests so they know who to boot out and who to let in. At check-in they get the names of people staying in the room – not just who reserved the room, and take a number of other measures to help ensure not only your safety but that the amenities that you enjoy for staying with that resort are not taken over by people not even paying for them! Get smart, check out spring break hotels such as the Holiday Inn Resort or Days Inn Beach, talk with your parents, and don’t miss out on Spring Break!