Ladies pack asmarter for Spring Break

It’s easy to over pack for Spring Break – but totally unnecessary!  Sure you’ll need the basics.. but.. there’s lots of ways to save space both in your suitcase and in your hotel room!  Check out these tips and tricks from your friends at Spring Break HQ to avoid being a Spring Break Packrat!



Share the Shower
Get with your girls and try to pick one shampoo/conditioners, shower gel, shaving creamthat will work well for all of you and put one of your SB roomies in charge of bringing the shower supplies.  Sure you’ll all want your own loofa and razor… but sharing the bottles is huge when it comes to saving on space in the shower of your hotel room – as well as in your luggage because you won’t need 4 bottles each! This also can work with hair spray, anti-frizz crème or spray, and lots of others!  Don’t forget, the hotel room will have a hair dryer so no need to pack your own unless you’re super attached to it.

Share Snacks – But Buy ‘em Here
Most of the SBHQ hotel rooms come with a refrigerator and microwave which is great because you can save some $$ by buying in bulk for your room… but there’s no need to drag a whole ton of stuff down from your college town.  Bring enough water, Diet Coke, chips, etc. to get you through the trip down and through the first afternoon (After you arrive the LAST thing you’ll want to do is immediately get in the car to go to Wal-Mart!)  Then once you’re settled and relaxed you can hit Wal-Mart for the rest of your SB snacking needs.

Soak Up The Freebies
Don’t bother bringing sunscreen or energy drinks if you’re staying at the Holiday Inn Resort, they’ve got you covered with freebies from Australian Gold, Red Bull, and other great sponsors.  Find out what your hotel is offering and save both money and space by taking advantage of the freebies they’ll have!

Bring the Basics
There are those standard things you don’t want to forget,  phone charger, I.D., cash & debit/credit card, light sweater or jacket, sleeping clothes… but keep in mind you’re going to the beach!  Bikinis are small and it couldn’t hurt to bring one or two – but you’ll probably want to buy another while you’re here as Panama City Beach has TONS of places with hundreds of options to choose from.

Pack Your Club Clothes
Don’t bring your whole collection… stick with a few key items that you can mix and match. Same goes for shoes, black heels go with almost anything – no need to bring every shoe you own!  You can make several outfits out of a couple of bottoms and cute shirts. Plan what you’re going to wear each night in advance; this will keep you from packing unnecessary clothes.  Don’t forget you can always shop in PCB for some sexy club wear!

Make sure to use these packing tips! It will save you space for all the extras you pick up while in PCB. If you have any questions contact your Spring Break Experts at