Breakfast on Spring Break in Panama City Beach

One of the most important things you can do to keep up your spring break stamina is start your day with a big breakfast – and there’s nothin’ better than the smell of bacon after a big night out!  Panama City Beach offers a variety of breakfast options to get your Buddha belly on!



There’s waffle shops sprinkled up and down the beach (which are also open for the after-club snack at 3am), so there’s always one close to any of the Spring Break HQ hotels, other options include Another Broken Egg, The First Watch, Dunkin Dounuts, and of course all the fast food giants. It’s always nice when you don’t have to wander far for food, be sure to check with your hotel to see if they offer any breakfast options right onsite.

The Holiday Inn Resort has an onsite restaurant – The View – which offers a full breakfast buffet with all the traditional breakfast items – eggs, sausage, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, etc. and some randomly chosen other items like chicken nuggets, fries, or maybe cafeteria pizza.  This resort also serves lunch and dinner at the Bamboo Grill and has been known to have a midnight buffet that goes till 2am or 3am for those post party munchies!

The front desk of your hotel will always be able to tell you where the closest place to find bacon will be, and be sure to ask them if they have any coupon books available to try to help you save bank – local businesses are always bringing things by the hotels to try to get visitors to their place so ya never know what kind of coupons you’ll come across… but every penny counts when you’re here to party on SB2013! Mmmm Bacon!