Wet cellphone fixes on Spring BreakThere are some things that are better when wet, like Slip-N-Slides, but cell phones do not like water.  Who hasn’t experienced the gut-wrenching feeling you get when you see your cell phone fall in to the pool; or the that sharp deep breath when sand is kicked over the phone!  What do you do (other than panic) when these things happen?



The SpringbreakHQ Team suggests avoiding the situation all together and getting a cheap pre-paid phone for Spring Break – you can work with your phone company and have your phone number forwarded or you can just tell the important few your “temporary number” (we like this because if you give your number out to a breaker and he/she calls relentlessly – it’s just a temporary number and the spring break hassle will only hangover for a few days!!).  With a cheap pre-paid phone you don’t have to be worried about ruining an expensive device and having to do without!

If you do choose to use your phone during spring break make sure you do your best to protect it from beach elements by keeping it in a safe place – like your hotel room!  If you do get sand in your phone while hanging out on the soft white sandy beaches during Spring Break try using a tooth brush, (be gentle so the soft bristles will get it out rather than smash it in) or try a can of compressed air you would use to clean out dust from your computer keyboard. Now, water can be a little more challenging.

Do your best to avoid jumping in the pool or the Gulf of Mexico with your cell phone on you – but if you get a little over excited and jump on in without setting your phone aside.

Check out these tips to potentially save it from water damage:

1. First – and most important – get it out of the water!

2. Remove the battery. Prevent any interactions FAST!

3. Remove as much water as possible as quickly as possible. Just use an absorbent material (toweling or paper tissues)

4. An alternate drying technique is to seal the phone (with everything removed) in a plastic bag with some white rice or a few silica packs that you get with a new purse. Leave the phone in the bag for a day or two, the rice or silica will absorb the moisture.

5. Give time for the phone to dry. Don’t experiment with putting the battery back on to see if it works as this would risk damaging the phone with a short circuit.

6. Try replacing the battery if all else fails. They are not expensive (compared to the phone) and it may solve the problem If all else fails, find a phone dealer in town for help, Verizon, Sprint, and others all have locations on Panama City Bea