Book early for Spring Break in Panama City BeachFor breakers looking to get a room at one of the top Spring Break hotels there’s only one thing they really need to know; book early before the best rooms are gone!  Although breakers may not have started their countdown for Spring Break as of yet, they should start making their plans if they want to secure a room at any of the top hotels at a great rate.  Hotel rooms are in high demand all along Panama City Beach during Spring Break – breakers who procrastinate on getting a room will end up in some lame hotel their grandmother would enjoy rather than a spring break hot spot – or they’ll ending up spending bank on a last minute room.


Although there’s tons of choices when it comes to where to stay while in PCB, the SpringBreakHQ Team always encourages breakers to “sleep with us” for the best hotels on the beach!  The SBHQ Team has done the homework for you and picked out the best places to stay on Panama City Beach.

The Holiday Inn Resort, Casa Loma, Days Inn Beach, and Paradise Palms were chosen based on location – they’re in the center of everything between the super clubs, beach bars, and Pier Park (great restaurants and great shopping), they offer discounts for all sorts of clubs, restaurants, and shopping around town, AND these hotels all allow guests to reserve rooms / check-in at the age of 18 rather than 25.

Year after year these hotels have continued to show breakers a great time, and because of that, these are the hotels that sell out first. Students who wait until the last minute to book their hotel rooms in Panama City Beach will not only potentially miss out on the best locations, they’ll also end up paying a much higher rate than those who booked their stay early.  It’s Econ 101 – the law of supply and demand!   The more hotel rooms there are available the less they cost; the closer Spring Break gets the fewer hotel rooms there will be so the price for a room goes up.

There’s no reason to wait till the last minute, if you know you’re going to be headed to PCB this spring break, get your friends together and get a room now before the best deals at the hottest hotels are gone! Click here for more info on the best Spring Break Rooms on Panama City Beach!